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OUR DESIGN safety first

Our tridion safety cell combines longitudinal and transverse members to absorb impact for maximum protection.

OUR DESIGN in our genes

Designed and engineered with Mercedes-Benz, smart upholds some of the strongest safety standards in the industry. From steel bumpers to the tridion cell, from a short wheel base for excellent stability, you'll drive unworried.

OUR DESIGN what a body

smart's body panels are customizable, lightweight and 100% recyclable. Meaning that sweet looks are also sweet to the environment. They're also interchangeable, meaning you can change your smart's looks as often as your own.

OUR DESIGN let's tailgate

Our patented twin-section trunk opening system is unique engineering. Dare we say untypical. Opening two ways, it makes loading (from the top) and unloading (resting on the bottom) easy. It's also quite roomy, with space for full sized suitcases, golf clubs and more.

our looks

Design your smart with any look you dream up and we'll print it on a 3M® vinyl interchangeable wrap.

our beliefs

Over 96 million Americans drive to work alone each day. That means there are about 288,675,000 empty seats commuting to and from work. Astonishing. That's why we got rid of the backseat entirely.

OUR BELIEFS go green.

smarts are 85% recyclable. So when it's time to retire from the road, a huge portion can be reused. This way, we unconsume vital resources and undump in landfills across the country.

OUR BELIEFS keep it simple.

Smaller size means less fuel, fewer emissions and more green space. Going unbig pays off big in your pocket, your town and your garage.

our friends

smart owners are a breed apart. Check out their latest looks.

smart tv

Catch our latest spots on the world's favorite unbig tv.

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You have to drive it to believe it. Book your test drive at a smart center.

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